Wednesday, 10 April 2013

London - One day in February

While Hansu and her friend had decided to check out Liverpool, I took the other direction and traveled over Birmingham down to a destination called Euston Station to meet up with a friend of mine who came for his martial arts tournament over the weekend there.

Surprisingly two co-travelers of my friend were already preparing a typical tourist one-day-travel-in-and-around-the-city. Since I am not a huge fan of fixed travel tours and he neither, we decided pretty quick to just cut the participation of the boring sight-2-sight tour and hit the road on foot.

I have to say, exploring the inner city core of London is quite smooth and you see the city much more true. I guess if it would have been spring or summer at the time, we would have rent some bikes - I can only recommend that from the experience in Berlin - flat terrain, but maybe you have to be a bit able to handle the traffic stress. Otherwise great stuff!