Thursday 11 April 2013


Tein päiväretken Liverpooliin helmikuun alussa ystäväni kanssa. Yhdessä päivässä ehti jo kävelemään kaupungin halki ja näkemään vaikka mitä.

In the beginning of February I made a day trip to Liverpool with my friend. One day was enough to walk through the city and see quite a lot.


Wednesday 10 April 2013

London - One day in February

While Hansu and her friend had decided to check out Liverpool, I took the other direction and traveled over Birmingham down to a destination called Euston Station to meet up with a friend of mine who came for his martial arts tournament over the weekend there.

Surprisingly two co-travelers of my friend were already preparing a typical tourist one-day-travel-in-and-around-the-city. Since I am not a huge fan of fixed travel tours and he neither, we decided pretty quick to just cut the participation of the boring sight-2-sight tour and hit the road on foot.

I have to say, exploring the inner city core of London is quite smooth and you see the city much more true. I guess if it would have been spring or summer at the time, we would have rent some bikes - I can only recommend that from the experience in Berlin - flat terrain, but maybe you have to be a bit able to handle the traffic stress. Otherwise great stuff!


Monday 8 April 2013

Aberystwyth - January Daytrip

Even though we are already back in Finland, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to share some insight of our day trip to Aberystwyth, on the seaside of Wales.We went there in the end of January. It has a laid back atmosphere, awesome winds on the shore, cozy cafés and a beautiful promenade to walk along.
I also got the information, that there is a cool sand beach towards the south - too bad I got that info a day after.


Sunday 7 April 2013

First month in Finland

Päivää vaille kuukausi siitä, kun muutettiin Englannista pois ja palattiin takaisin Suomeen. Täytyy myöntää, että Englanti jätti jälkensä... Kunto on rapistunut ihan täysin ja painokin on varmasti noussut erilaisten ruokatottumusten takia. Fish&chipsit, loputtomat kolmioleivät, no kyllä te tiedätte... Tässä vaiheessa on ihan hyvä ettei omista vaakaa, joka näyttäisi totuuden miten paljon kiloja on kertynyt!

Almost already a month since we moved away from England and got back to Finland. Have to admit that England has left some marks to get rid off. There might a few extra kilograms because of the for us not so usual food sortiment. You know: fish&chips, sandwiches etc... At this point it might be a good thing not to own a scale. 

Evidence! We did some physical challenge in England too!

Joten tämä on se hetki jolloin on ryhdistäydyttävä, on päästävä takaisin kuntoon ja alettava syömään hieman terveellisemmin taas.

Projekti alkaa siis tästä! Ensimmäiset juoksulenkit on jo takana. Tai juoksulenkki on ehkä turhan vahva sana omalta osaltani, lenkeistä kun noin 90% oli kävelyä. No jostainhan se on taas aloitettava!

So this is the point where we need to get back in to shape and eat more healthy again. Here starts the project! The first jogs have already been accomplished. Or jogging might be a too strong word to describe jogging, at least to me as 90% of my jogging actually was walking. Oh well... A journey of one thousand kilometers begins with the first step.